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Its nice knowing these things!!

BYD Middle East

Its quite interesting to know about the overseas Filipino workers !!!

Andrew Gould

Very interesting. Those group shots are captured with such an intimate look to them.


that bad? and they're thinking they can have a better life there? at least back home they have a place to live "in"


Amazing this export of labour and the money flowing back in to the Philippines.


Hi Sidney!

We also have RA 6042 or the Overseas Migrant Workers' Act where it is the policy of the government to protect overseas Filipinos.

Otto K.

I think I learn more at your blog than any other. :)


Un genre de camping sauvage

Ashish Sidapara

They have a hard life, lots of them in singapore too.


C'est bien triste de les voir dans des cartons.


Very interesting comment on the work situation. I had no idea of its extent. Fine street shots of people's lifestyles.

dong ho

and they are playing bingo! yikes!

Wim van der Meij

You made fine photos, esp. the one with the bright blue bus. The people must have a lot of patience though.


in a way, i'm an OFW too.. ;D good thing they stopped EO857.. :)


I always know you are going to teach me something new when I come to your site, Sidney! Thank you for "reporting" so well!

joshi daniel

that is a really nice reportage!


it is sad when people have to leave their home to earn their living...


Brilliant shots; Always nice reportage :))


nice shots, and me? jealous of what?? my dog????????????


Des images très parlantes. Dur dur d'être émigré dans certaines conditions!

luna miranda

it's a hard life for these OFWs. being away from their children and family is tough. i am consoled by the thought that they find comfort in the company of fellow Filipinos.

dodong flores

Back then, OFW used to be called as Overseas Contract Worker or OCW. Yes, during the Ramos administration, it was changed to OFW.

I used to visit Grand Central on Sundays. Thousands of Filipinos are there hanging out...


I can see a very subtle sadness on their face. A tough way of life. Why do I see more women than men?


I remember seeing them every WE in similar places. I actually went to talk to them once because I didn't know what they were doing there.

I was shocked by the way most wealthy Hong Kong people treated their domestic workers, including my boss.


Ils ont bien du mérite, tous ces gens qui s'expatrient sans joie, afin d'entretenir leurs familles restées au pays.

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